Azospirillum - NITRO SPIRA Azospirillum - NITRO SPIRA

POABS GREEN Nitro Spira is a formulation containing micro-aerophilic non symbiotic Nitrogen fixing bacteria Azospirillum, commonly found in soil and root surface of a plant. Azospirillum multiplies on root surface and fixes atmospheric Nitrogen in the soil and makes it available to plant for their physiological activities.

Advantages: NITRO SPIRA secretes growth promoting phytohormones like IAA, GA, Vitamins, Nicotinic Acid for better germination and quicker growth of root and shoot. NITRO SPIRA increases the root hair density resulting in the increased uptake of mineral and water. NITRO SPIRA can fix 20-30 kg nitrogen per hectare and increase crop yield upto 30%. NITRO SPIRA is compatible with other bacteria and can be used along with Rhizobium, Phosphate solubiliser, Azotobacter, Biopotash etc.

Applications Methods
  • Seed inoculation: Make a paste with 500g of NITRO SPIRA along with 250ml of rice gruel / 5% jaggery solution or Arabica. Mix this with the seeds (5-10kg) and dry in shade for 30 minutes.
  • Inoculation of Paddy: Mix 2kg of NITRO SPIRA in 60ltr of water and soak the seeds required for 1ha (60kg) for 24hrs before sowing. At the time of transplanting, dip the roots of seedlings for 15-20 minutes in the culture slurry prepared by mixing 2kg NITRO SPIRA with 40ltr of water.
  • Nursery soil application: 400gm of NITRO SPIRA is mixed with 10kg of POABS GREEN organic bio manure or farm yard manure and used.
  • Seedling root dip: 500g of NITRO SPIRA is mixed with 4ltr of water and the seedlings are dipped for 10-20 min before transplantation.
  • Soil application: Mix 2-5 kg of NITRO SPIRA culture (for an acre) with 50kg of POABS GREEN organic bio manure or farm yard manure and apply in the field before sowing or apply near the root zone of the plants in grown up crops.
  • Crops: Paddy, Sugarcane, Maize, Banana, Turmeric, Cotton, Coconut, Tea, Coffee, Cardamom, Flowers, Vegetables and Fruit crops.
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