Biotech Quality Control Laboratory

Poabs Biotech Poabs Biotech a division of Poabs Group underline its social obligation to step in the right direction of nature-centric organic life. Poabs Biotech is located at Nelliyampathy, Palakkad, the green carpet of God's own country. The sustainable bio diversity maintained in this organic farm has attracted many international ecological experts. Poabs Biotech has full fledged research and development wing. The state-of-the-art laboratory with excellent production, quality control system and professional packing unit affirm us to produce quality Bio Control Agents and Bio Fertilizers to accomplish our mission statement “Nurturing life with the nectar of nature”.

Environment Poabs Biotech focuses on discovering, developing, manufacturing and marketing highly effective biological, disease control and yield enhancing products for the agricultural, home garden and food safety markets. The fully automated sophisticated fermentation and packing unit coupled with in-house quality monitoring laboratory facility is located in a 4000 sq. ft sprawling complex in the organic estate. Its rich merchandise includes Bio -fertilizers, Bio-control agents and Bio-pesticides. The products manufactured here undergo careful assessments and ensures quality for the best results. Our strong marketing division provides active support to the customers by assuring consistent availability of the products through a wide network we have in Kerala.

“Our goal is to offer a range of differentiated products that bring added value to the farmers in order to become a reference in quality and for the level of service to them”. We welcome people to join hands with us to make this soil organically safe.
Environment Extension activities encompass services for our products to the end users and to impart training and render projects in various biotechnological aspects like fermentation technology, organic farming, composting technology, Agri. Microbiology etc. to the student's community. The research and extension facility will be shared with National and International organizations. Provision of consultancy services to encourage organic farming is also on the agenda.

Environment Poabs research to develop selective and environmentally compatible methods for controlling insect pest of agricultural importance is under pipeline. The use and encouragement of beneficial organisms to fight pests is a powerful and economical part of integrated pest management. The focus of this research contributes to sustainable agricultural systems by developing naturally derived pest control agents, decreasing the amount of chemical insecticides utilized and reducing adverse effects of chemical pesticides. The resulting products will benefit the public by providing a healthy safer food supply and cleaner air, water and soil. Sophisticated infrastructural and technical facility permits us to adopt the latest production technologies. The R & D division is well equipped and capable of developing, refinement and up gradation of technologies. Aiming the export/internal market we plan to formulate biologically synthesized new generation molecules for the pest and disease management of crops in future. These biosynthate based new generation molecules are eco-friendly very effective.
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